Lake Tinn (tinnsjå) from Lakes of the World dataset
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Source dataset: Lakes of the World dataset , curated by  simple john

  About Lake Tinn (tinnsjå)

Lake Tinn (tinnsjå) is the 3rd deepest lake in Europe at 460 meters.

Reaching as deep as 460 meters, Lake Tinn (tinnsjå) holds up to 9.71 km3 of water and covers a surface area of 51 km2.

Countries along its shoreline in Europe: Norway.

Its water is found to contain traces of heavy water (deuterium oxide), due to sinking of the ferry SF Hydro during World War 2 (in 1994). SF Hydro was said to contain large quantities of heavy water produced at Vemork, a factory located in Rjukan, and was en route to Germany for purpose of nuclear weapon research.


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