Steel Dragon 2000 from Roller Coasters in the World dataset
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Source dataset: Roller Coasters in the World dataset , curated by  Kujimo

  About Steel Dragon 2000

  Tallest roller coaster track in Asia at 97 meters — Located at Nagashima Spa Land in Mie Prefecture, Japan, Steel Dragon 2000 is a 97-meter tall steel roller coaster attraction. The roller coaster track also has a drop of 94 meters.

  Longest roller coaster track in the world at 2,479 meters — Built by D. H. Morgan Manufacturing, Steel Dragon 2000 stretches 2,479 meters in length and has a maximum vertical angle of 68 degrees.

  Roller coaster ride with the second longest ride duration in Asia — Total ride time: 4 minutes.


 Compare Steel Dragon 2000 with Formula Rossa from Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

 Compare Steel Dragon 2000 with Stunt Fall (Parque Warner Madrid) from Parque Warner Madrid, Spain.

  Data: Steel Dragon 2000 

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