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  About INMARSAT 5 F2

  Heaviest satellite launched by United Kingdom into space at 6,105 kg

A commercial satellite, INMARSAT 5 F2 is operated by INMARSAT, Ltd. of United Kingdom for the purpose of communications.

Constructed by Boeing Corp. (USA), it was launched into space using Proton M as the launch vehicle from Baikonur Cosmodrome on 1 February 2015. INMARSAT 5 F2 orbits around the Earth as a GEO satellite.

With a launch mass of 6,105kg and a dry mass of 3,360kg, INMARSAT 5 F2 is designed to operate in space for a lifetime of 15 years. It orbits around the Earth with the COSPAR ID 2015-005A and NORAD ID 40384.

Taking 1,436 minutes to orbit the Earth, the satellite's perigee, which is the point of the orbit closest to the Earth's center of mass, is 35,784km while its apogee, which is the point of the orbit farthest from the Earth's center of mass, is 35,789km. The eccentricity of the orbit is 5.93E-05.

With generated usable power of 13000 watts, INMARSAT 5 F2 orbits along the longitude of -55 degrees.


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