Euro-Mir from Roller Coasters in the World dataset
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Source dataset: Roller Coasters in the World dataset , curated by  Kujimo

  About Euro-Mir

Euro-Mir is a steel roller coaster attraction at Europa-Park in Rust, Germany. The roller coaster track is 28 meters tall.

Euro-Mir is built by Mack Rides and stretches 980 meters in length.

Euro-Mir races along its track with a G force of 4g, reaching a top speed of 80 km/h.

  Roller coaster ride with the second longest ride duration in the world — Total ride time: 4 minutes 33 seconds.


 Compare Euro-Mir with Anaconda (Kings Dominion) from Kings Dominion, United States.

 Compare Euro-Mir with Incredicoaster from Disney California Adventure, United States.

  Data: Euro-Mir 

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