RList is an online tool for people who love to curate data and share their perspective on the data they have curated. It is also a place for people to discover and consume meaningful data in an easy way.
The Curation Activity
RList is built around curation on collections of data items. Curators build up their "datasets" by collecting or importing data items on their topic of interest, usually progressively. Once they have built up a good collection of data items, they may choose to share the dataset (or segments of the dataset) by publicly publishing one or more informative lists. The informative list then presents the dataset effectively as a table, a list article (listicle) or as a slideshow to the reader.
We Encourage Attribution
Anyone can sign up to be a Curator and start to create informative lists. While RList does not endorse or validate any lists created by our Curators to be accurate or complete ( more details at our Terms of Use ), we highly encourage our Curators to give attribution to the information sources or materials they have accessed in building up the dataset. This helps our readers make an informed judgement on the validity of the information published and gives due recognition to the sources of information.
What's Next ?
Time to dive in and see for yourself .
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